Back in 1952, Vivoda family started growing quality indigenous sort of grape wine - Istrianmalvazia. With a little help from the people of Rovinj who instantly recognized its quality, the story of success for the Vivoda wines began. The Vivoda family slowly began to spread their vineyards, so they decided to expand their knowledge of wine-growing to other sorts; therefore, they now grow four sorts on area larger than 10 ha: malvazia, teran, merlot and muscat white.

With the coming of the new millennium, Davor and Suzana improved and modernized the winemaking, making sure that the family tradition and ecological farming is still the number one priority so that the famous quality would not be lost.
Wines mature in inox barrels, and the finest examples of malvazia and teran in barrrique barrels. They provide more quality of maturing for the wine, which grows more intense in colour and develops aromatic characteristics. Such wine is specially bottled. 

Vivoda wines have been appearing on domestic and international exhibitions since the middle of the 1990ies, and their quality has been well recognized with awards and since 2005, the Vivoda Malvazia has been the carrier of IQ mark (Istrian Quality, the mark has been established and registered that particular year.)

Since 2008, the Vivoda family has been bottling a special sort of malvazia under the name of St. Euphemia. In order for this particular wine to achieve its fullness, originality and long-lasting life, it has to mature for 16 months only in oak barrels. It is of golden-yellow colour and of intriguing scent, soft taste and harmony, of fine structure and life.